Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sliding doors and the sweet grass smell of tatami
Low entrance way and platform floor
Peering into the living room "stage"
Entrance from exterior with Y's ceramic work
The garden outside
Steeped roof and shaded walls

Sliding wooden door locks

What looks like a sink was the tub
Rough-hewn timbers form the structure of the Edo houses

Walls of cracked mud-straw mixture

Traditional hearth

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kiln and terraced rice fields
Water and mist
Bronze lanterns
Overlooking golden-horned temple
Moss-covered stone lanterns

In support of the trees
Lilies and stone
Bamboo and irises, and orchids everywhere
Pan's cloven slippers

Hot spring "of a leg"
Public wall art-- "hello kitty" theme!
Everything is a tight fit here
Remove shoes before entering...
Temple supports
Big Hair, Little Hair
The Shiba Inu named "Pooh"
Impressive water trough of ablutions
Mr. Magoo eyes
Make way for ducklings
Tatami mat weaver
Intricacies of silk looms
Kawaii Kaeru (Cute Frog)
Roof grimaces
Guardian and his friend
A just comparison
Nakazato's studio (Karatsu)
Ancient tea house
Ship Merchant's house with gold-flecked walls
Spare beauty
A look to detail
and a veneration of rock
Courtyard garden with bamboo "listening" tube
entrance ways