Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day in White Sandy Paradise

on the road
wayward dreds
pink on green
green ballerina
frangipani and Gamelan player, hill, daniel and kate enjoying fresh caught snapper...

BALI- Moto Photos- views from the road

Offerings offered everywhere
salvation at the spa
ceremony sardines
moto load
moto ride through the mountains and on to the coast

Green School Blessing Celebration

Ibus in ceremonial dress, watching
Traditional dancers, also school staff and students
Dancer and faculty watching
Students in ceremonial dress at classroom blessing
Offerings for the classrooms
Toby and the mantis, and sharing with friends
These dancers are actually students, well-disguised

Sunday, October 5, 2008

BALI- sea and ceremony

attentive ceremony watchers
hanging panjar (woven entirely of palm frond)
elegant balance
woman prays beneath
procession and offering
silver flutes, flowers and ebony hair
musicians and muscles
temple gateway
the gods must also be dressed and blessed
portrait of participants
young Eliot, a Balinese convert
walking the neighborhood (banjar) to temple
gateway guardian with incense
procession on the move (moto photo)
a touch of the coast
rough turquoise
golden green
panjar hanging and ceremony on the sea